Christian Scheib was born in Austria in 1961. He studied musicology in Vienna and Berlin. From 1993 to 1996 he was music curator of the Austrian Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs. In 1998 he was guest lecturer at the Critical Studies Department of the California Institute of the Arts, and later lecturer at the Institute for Composition and Electroacoustics at the Vienna University. Since 1992 he has been working as an editor of new music (at the ORF) and producer of the Ö1 programme Zeit-Ton. Since 1995 he has been director of programming for musikprotokoll im steirischen herbst. Various publications (in collaboration with Sabine Sanio): das rauschen, Wolke, 1995; Bilder - Verbot und Verlangen in Kunst und Musik, PFAU, 2000. Co-author of In The East - New Music Territories in Europe, PFAU, 2002. He is living and working in Vienna.


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